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Logickube is an advanced analytics and AI consultancy and certified cloud partners. We help businesses to accelerate their AI journeys and create tailored experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

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Services to help your
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AI strategic advisory

Build out a strategic roadmap and Proof-Of-Concepts models in collaboration with our technology and data experts to accelerate your AI journey.

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Cloud data engineering

Maximise the advantages of new technologies in the cloud by modernizing your data and ML workloads in a scalable and secure manner.

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AI/ML engineering

Build best in class data and model pipelines to produce your own state of the art AI capabilities across retail, digital media, financial services and health.

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Personalisation & Attribution

Tailor unique interactions for each customer, across marketing channels and store experiences. Quantify personalisation benefits with robust experiment design and attribution.

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Unlock the power of Generative AI with logickube

Let's bring your generative AI vision to life

Generative AI represents the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, capable of creating high-quality content across various forms, including text, images, and audio. At Logickube, our Generative AI solutions have applications across all industries and segments, such as:

  • Deliver premium, responsive and personalised customer service that modern buyers expect
  • Making complex data intuitively accessible and easy to discover
  • Fast and dynamic access to insights for business leaders
  • Content generation at the click of a button for both technical and non-technical users

Logickube is proudly partnering with Google to make these transformative application an everyday reality for our customers. Our solutions are crafted with the best of Google's research and leading AI technologies to drive your success.





Conversational AI for Customer servicE
Helping customers determine the best products based on their needs

Helping customers self troubleshoot issues and enquiries

Enable transaction completion (bookings, payments, refunds)
Supercharging your search capability
Extracting semantic information from unstructured and structured data

Understands user intent to return the most relevant search results

Applications across product recommendations, document and media search, knowledge discovery

making work more enjoyable
Improving employee productivity with AI tools such as code generation and grammar checks

Internal knowledge catalogue and search - company policies, team outputs, organization structure

Recruitment optimization with candidate screening, personalized onboarding
content and media generation
Email subject line and body generation with personalised content

Product innovation and design assistance

Social media and company blogs generation to increase reach and awareness

Industry applications

Transforming businesses


A customer-centric retail business

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, AI is now a must-have for swift and precise decision-making. At Logickube, we specialize in helping retailers leverage AI for digital transformation

Our focus: Creating seamless omnichannel experiences, enhancing operational planning and forecasting, and personalizing customer interactions. Our AI solutions offer a 360-degree view of the customer journey, recommend tailored products and marketing offers, and provide actionable insights to optimize operations.

Real-time media decisioning

At Logickube, we empower you to harness advanced AI algorithms and a globally scalable cloud platform for instant decision-making in digital media. This means seamlessly addressing intricate questions about content, products, channels, and budgets, all in real-time, tailored to each of your customers.

Our media solutions are designed to elevate your content strategy, streamline meta-tagging for model training and performance evaluation, and offer a comprehensive contextual targeting and measurement pipeline. With Logickube, you can effectively monetize your digital assets and boost your advertising revenue.

Digital transformation in banks

In the dynamic landscape of the financial services industry, customer expectations are evolving, and in this climate data reigns supreme as the key catalyst for innovation and efficiency within the banking sector.

Logickube is at the forefront of this data-driven revolution. We harness the power of data for automating fraud detection, improving precision in credit decisions, and elevating customer experiences with cognitive document processing and 24/7 assistance from AI-powered chatbots.

Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock the true potential of data in banking.

Why Choose us

A trusted partner for data driven transformation

Cloud Practitioners

We are certified cloud experts

We are a team of certified Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers across Google Cloud, Databricks, and AWS.

We are highly experienced in building scalable cloud solutions - using technology such as Kubernetes, Dataflow, Spark and API deployment - to create end-to-end data and modelling solutions for our clients.

Experienced data team

A team with diverse experiences and skills

The team at Logickube comes from a range of different backgrounds. Some are qualified actuaries whilst others began their careers in academia and engineering.

One thing that is common is their experience and track record in building successful data solutions for a wide range of businesses.

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Scalable engineering

Built on top of next generation MLOps foundations

Our experience has shaped us to be experts in handling petabyte-scale of data and servicing personalisation and measurement in a high traffic environment.

We have a foundational suite of Cloud MLOps capabilities that allow us to be efficient, scalable, and meet the demands of your production environment.                                                    

Collaborative engagement

One team one dream

We believe working collaboratively with our clients from day one brings the highest rate of success in shorter timeframes.

Our consultants are embedded in your team to jointly determine the right course of actions, appropriate key result metrics to generate measurable ROI, and knowledge sharing and upskilling to continuously improve the solution into the future.

Make your data work for you

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