data powers everything

Build a strong data stack to support your growth

Logickube helps you to maximise the advantage of new technologies in the cloud by modernizing your data workloads in a scalable and secure manner.

Ingest, store, process, and analyse data from disparate sources, legacy systems, and third party platforms into an accessible, cost efficient and scalable big data platform in the cloud. This sets the foundation for advanced analytics and ML use cases to fully harness the power of your data.

Our data engineering offerings

Values from a future proof data platform



Go from data to insights faster with ingestion automation, streaming pipeline, and scalable cloud data processing infrastructure.



Separation of storage and compute in the cloud allows you to pay only for what you use, and reduce the effort on self-maintenance with managed services.



Unlock opportunities to maximise the value of your data sources by building AI models and interactive insights dashboards to become a data-driven organisation.



Data is encrypted at rest and automatically backed up to derisk the chance of unauthorised access and enable disaster recovery.

cloud Data migration

Source system data is often left untapped or unprocessed in legacy infrastructure that is cost inefficient and not scalable. Migrating and processing these systems into the cloud sets a foundation for cloud transformation.

Logickube will develop a migration plan that minimises impact on your business and deliver a cloud native data environment for your business.

continuous integration

We will help you build and automate the ingestion of data across various sources (both first and third party sources) and apply appropriate business logic to process the data into a usable form for business intelligence and analytics use cases.

streaming and real time

For use cases (e.g.: real time content personalisation, eCommerce, IoT) where low latency of data is required, we will help you build a streaming data platform so you can access your data from the moment that it is generated.

Enable your business to generate real time operational insights or make highly relevant contextual recommendations for your customers with your AI models.

data warehouse

We will help you build a single source of truth data warehouse that stores your business's data in a cost efficient and highly accessible manner. Increase the speed at which your analysts can generate insights and your data science team to build ML models.

WE are certified data engineer with google

A Professional Data Engineer enables data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming, and publishing data.

We are proud to announce that over 50% of our team are Google Cloud certified Professional Data Engineer, who can help you with the following:

  • Build and maintain data processing systems with emphasis on security, scalability and reliability
  • Leverage, deploy and continuously train AI and machine learning models
  • Recommend best practices on data processing and storage, both batch and real time

let's get you to the cloud

Data migration with Logickube

Now that you understand the benefits of migrating data to the cloud, why not take part in Logickube's 8 weeks* data migration POC? In this Proof of Concept, you will get a priority list of data sources to migrate to the cloud, a high level design of the cloud data architecture, and a POC migration for one of your data sources.

With your own data, convince the business of the value of migrating your data warehouse, data lake and/or streaming platform to the cloud.

Benefits for your business:

  • Get a review of your business' data sets suitable for cloud migration
  • Receive a high level data architecture on the cloud
  • A POC to prove the value of cloud data migration
Get started today

step #1

Planning workshop

An introductory session to review the data sources critical to your business and their suitability/priority in migrating to the cloud.

step #2

Architecture review

We will assess your cloud data architecture maturity and provide recommendations covering efficiency, scalability, security and costs for your ETL jobs, analytics layer and data storage.

step #3

Migration POC

For one on premise or third party data source, we will perform a one-off migration to a cloud data warehouse to quantify the benefits of scale, speed and security.