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AI Strategic Advisory

Harnessing our technical expertise and experience, we can help your organisation to navigate through your data and AI transformation journey successfully and rapidly.

We provide advice on risk and maturity assessment on data and AI, formulation of modelling use cases, building foundational capabilities and strategic roadmap, and how to ethically and securely use your data.

Our components for

A Successful AI Transformation

Promote data culture, awareness, vision

As with any transformation journey, the first steps begin with creating leadership buy-in and promoting general awareness throughout the organisation.

We help employees and senior leaders understand the opportunities of data and AI by running workshops and performing maturity assessments.

Identify low hanging fruits

When adopting new technology, hitting the ground running quickly provides confidence and demonstrates value to the organisation.

We run ideation workshops, data quality assessment, and proof of concept (POC) design sessions to find use cases that get the most bang for the buck.

Becoming a data driven organisation

Once POCs have successfully demonstrated their potential and value, they need to be productionised in a scalable and cost efficient manner.

Our team of engineers can provide best practices in MLOps and real time solutions so you can maximise the full value of your AI solutions.

Long term value creation

The AI journey is continuous due to new technology, changing regulatory and privacy requirements, and shifting consumer behaviours.

To ensure your AI solutions are robust and continue to generate value, we provide ongoing support to align technology, skills and infrastructure in a holistic data strategy.

Data ethics and security assessment

Data is an important and valuable asset for your organisation, entrusted by your customers and team. It is critical to ensure it is stored securely and utilised in a way that is fair and ethical.

We carry out risk and model bias assessments and provide best practices on AI governance to minimise your exposure to inappropriate use of data.

Not sure where to start?

Supercharge with Logickube

With our AI Supercharge, we help you understand the value that AI can bring to your business over 8 weeks*.

During this time, we formulate a list of modelling use cases and build a proof-of-concept model (POC) to bring one of these use cases to life. In the end, you will get a taste of the benefits AI can bring to your business and lay the foundation for the transformation journey ahead.

Benefits to your business:

  • Understand the readiness or maturity of your business for an AI transformation
  • A list of ML use cases suitable for your business
  • A proof-of-concept model for one use case that can be productionised
  • Understand the values AI can bring
  • Kick start your AI trasnformation journey!
Get started today

Step 1

Discovery workshop

In the first week, we will work with you to understand your business objectives, customer pain points and growth strategy to assess your readiness and opportunity for an AI transformation.

Step 2

AI use case design

Next, we will propose an initial list of AI use cases for your business, quantifying the objective, value, priority and effort for each one. We will guide you through each use case so you can select the one you would like to see in a POC.

Step 3

AI Model POC

Using a sample of your data, we will build a POC model for your chosen use case. On completion, we will showcase the potential values this model can generate for your business.